Radio Fremantle is a not for profit Community Radio station run mostly by volunteers. By becoming a sponsor of Radio Fremantle you are helping to support our community based organisation at a fraction of the cost of commercial radio advertising. Radio Fremantle covers all areas of the City of Fremantle, City of Cockburn and City of Melville in particular and with online live streaming from our website, anywhere in the world. Because Radio Fremantle has a such a large and diverse range of specialist programs we appeal to a wide listenership and demographic.

What you get

We provide a complete service, working directly with you to write and produce your commercial, ready to go to air, then ensuring it is played at times and during specific shows designed to take best advantage of the product, service or event you are offering. 

You have the added bonus of having your company logo displayed on our website, linking directly to your website. In addition to on air, thanks to our On Demand functionality, your ad will be replayed each time someone listens to a catchup programme through our website.


Our extremely low sponsorship rates represent incredible value for money. For example, if you choose a 12 month advertising campaign with Radio Fremantle you will receive a minimum of 960 ads (usually more) for a total cost of $1390. This works out to a cost of around $1.45 per advertisement, with a generous time duration of 30-40 seconds per ad.

Please view our current Sponsorship Fees below and get in touch if you have any questions or to get started!

We would love to have you and your business as a sponsor of Radio Fremantle.


Rate Duration Minimum Spots Individual Cost Total Cost
Base Rate 1 week 20 $8.75 $175
Discounted 1 month 80 $4.50 $360
Discounted 3 months 240 $2.50 $600
Discounted 6 months 480 $1.75 $840
Discounted 1 year 960 $1.45 $1,390

The above rates include approximately 30-40s airtime per spot, all production costs and GST.