Board of Management

Running a community radio station is a difficult task and we are extremely lucky to have a diverse Board of Management helping steer the ship.

Our current Board of Management have a variety of unique skills and experience which they bring to the table in order to assist the running of the station. These include management, sales and people experience, audio production, finance, marketing and technical knowledge.

Each member of the board is nominated and elected to their position and able to serve for 3 years before renominating. Nominations are open to financial individual members of the station and are called for ahead of our Annual General Meeting which is held in December.

From time to time, we form sub-committees to focus on specific tasks which, led by at least one from the Board of Management, can contain financial members of the station to assist with tasks and make decisions. All members are welcome to participate and provide their input.

Our Board

Adam D

Digital & Technology

Andrew P


Graham H


Kay M

Deputy Chair

Larry W


Rob W

Chairman / Production