All Shows

Adam, Macka & Jake

Dangerously funny.

Ambient & Abstract

with Tom Simpson

Antipodean Experience

Music from Australia & New Zealand

Arts Collage

Rediscover WA's vibrant arts scene!

Bag's Groove

Traditional & New Orleans Jazz

Bahai'Is Radio

with Parichehr Farsi

BBC World Service

News, views and highlights from the BBC's international radio station.

Breakfast Show

Rock it to Me

Breakfast Show

with Matt Brown

Cada Dia

with Julio dos Santos

Celtic Rambles

with Frank Murphy, Gerry Grogan and Gerry Gannon

Classical Motion

with Helen Le Cordier

Classics for Lunch

with Christopher Dyson


with Derek Cusick

Community Issues

with Bob Edwards

Crate Digging

Old & new stuff but for your aural pleasure.

Creative Country

with Geoff Simmons and Ian Mills

Croatian Community Radio

with Oliver Sunjic and Fr. Nikola Cabraja

Di’s Brunch

with Di Lynne

Di’s Delightful Drive Time

Taking you home safely

Dutch Courage

Dutch music, comedy & events

Easy Afternoon

with Helen Le Cordier

Folking Around

with Frank Hodges and Bill Quinn


with Stacey Harding and Miles Openshaw

Getting Up with GJ

Start your Friday the right way.

Glas Nade

Voice of Hope with Milan Uskoković

Hashtag Italia

Italian afternoon chat, news & music

He’s Worse Than Me

with Roby Ska and Neilo

Health Scene

with Kerry Scott

Homeward Bounce

The most eclectic blend in your bender!

Hot Air

The best in electric guitar rock and blues

Hot Groove

The retro analogue music show from decades past

Hump Day Vibes

with Byron and Brock

Jukebox Heroes

Awesome music for the middle of your week

King’s Cacophony

Dig deep with an eclectic cacophony of late night tracks

Kiwi Klassics

All New Zealand music from the 60’s to now

Latin Studio

with Karito

Lijepa Nasa

Our Beautiful Homeland


Night Owl

A musical fiesta of dance, grooves & chill

On Like Donkey Kong

Turn that frown upside down with Paully & Narda!

Out of the Woodwork

Musical surprises, but always interesting!


with Corby and Winston (DJ Flex)


Roots & Branches

with Cliff Collinson and Martin Bender

Saturday Afternoon Round Up

Music and topics with a youth perspective

Saturday Morning Confusion

with Tony Fetherston

Serbia Radio

with Niko Ristic


Be the Change - Show up in Your Life

Sound of Hope

Sound of the Mountain

with Ali Madani

Start Me Up

with Simon McGrath

Take 5


The Asylum

Turn it up loud for your neighbours!

The Barefoot Report

with Alice Fernandes

The Beat

Music & events spanning 7 decades

The Beat Goes On

Resurrected past blasts dusted off & back on the turntable

The Kick

Being human can be a complicated gig...

The Kitchen

We drove you home.

The Soul Purpose

All vinyl, all funky. Jams on wax!

The Twilight Zone

Local Western Australian Music

The Voice of the Gospel

Tuesday Breakfast

with Shawn Daniels

Tuesday Collage

Music from the 60's to the 10's


The Film Show

Vinyl Groove

The sweet sound of vinyl exclusively

Voce Amica

with Robert Gesmundo

Voltei Voltei

with Paulo Fernandes

World Football

with Penny Tanner Hoath, Peter Szkiela, Sean Kelly and Hugh Best